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Starting a new business involves numerous steps that must be anticipated and carefully executed. For investors and entrepreneurs, this complexity can often lead to paralysis and inertia, hindering progress. Business startup consulting services play a crucial role in navigating these early stages, providing essential support and guidance.

Consultants bring a unique blend of entrepreneurial experience, real-world business insight, and practical solutions. Their expertise is invaluable for both organizations and individuals driving startup ventures, ensuring that foundational steps are managed effectively and efficiently.

Our Vision

To empower startups with innovative solutions and strategic guidance, driving their success from inception to growth.

Our Mission

Our mission at OX Web Agency is to provide expert consulting services that enable startups to efficiently navigate their early stages, implement effective strategies, and achieve their business goals with confidence.

Our Process

We approach every project as unique while apply the benefit of our experience and expertise.

Let’s talk about your project

The first steps you take can be the most important one on your journey

Business Strategy & Implementation

At OX Web Agency, we guide our clients through the critical phases of their startup journey by leveraging in-depth analysis, robust statistics, and strategic planning. By partnering with our experienced consultants, clients gain the expertise and insights needed to effectively plan and execute the essential steps for their new business.

Business Formation

OX Web Agency has assisted dozens of clients in establishing the legal structure of their business. We provide expert advice on options such as sole proprietorship, corporation, and LLC, detailing the pros and cons of each. We also Additionally, we support clients in setting up their business banking account, to ensure a solid foundation for their new venture.

Business Development

Understanding your market is crucial for business success. At OX Web Agency, we conduct thorough market research to provide you with valuable insights into your industry, target audience, and competitors. Our consultants analyze trends, customer behavior, and market conditions to help you make informed decisions and develop effective strategies. 

Accounting Management

We provide comprehensive account management services to streamline your financial operations. Our consultants assist in setting up bookkeeping software integrated with your business bank account, ensuring smooth and efficient financial management. This setup not only simplifies daily transactions but also facilitates hassle-free tax season filing, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Point Of Sale Setup

At OX Web Agency, we provide Point of Sale (POS) setup services to ensure your business transactions are seamless and efficient. Our consultants assist in selecting and installing the right POS system tailored to your business needs, integrating it with your inventory, accounting, and customer management systems. This setup helps streamline sales processes, improve customer experiences, and ensure accurate financial tracking, allowing you to focus on running and growing your business.

Recruiting & Training

 Our consultants assist in identifying and attracting the right talent for your startup, ensuring that you have the skilled workforce needed for success. Additionally, we provide tailored training programs to enhance your team’s capabilities, fostering growth and efficiency from day one. With our support, you can be confident in the strength and readiness of your workforce.

Your business type options

Business formation options have unique features and benefits. Use this table to determine which is right for you.


The simplest and flexible way to structure your business to protect personal assets.

Protections & Taxation*
Drawbacks to Consider

S-Corp Election

A tax designation for LLCs that avoids double taxation on business profits.

Protections & Taxation*
Drawbacks to Consider


A more complex structure with the ability to issue shares, go public, or go global.

Protections & Taxation*
Drawbacks to Consider

*OX Web Agency does not offer tax advice. We recommend you discuss questions or concerns about tax implications and benefits with an accountant or tax professional.

We support small businesses at every stage

From making your business official to growing it into a money-making business, we got you covered.

1. You select your filing options and services
You choose the filing option and add-on services that fit your needs like registered agent, worry-free compliance, or faster filing speeds.

4. We deliver all documents to your dashboard
The documents include your business formation certificate and other documents, assuming you purchased those services.

2. We file your formation documents with the state
Our team collects and files all the necessary paperwork with the state to officially form your business based on the services and time-frame you select at checkout.

5. We provide services to grow your business.
We provide ongoing compliance services to keep you in good standing along with website, accounting, and invoicing services to help run and grow your business with ease.

3. The State processes and confirms your business
This process can take a few days or a few weeks depending on the filing speed you select and the State’s internal processes and formation backlog.

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Our full-service agency will quickly and accurately form your LLC, plus provide all the services you need to run and grow a successful business.

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